Sunday, January 31, 2010

Making Progress

Well, I am making great progress in my recovery. Yesterday I stopped taking all pain medications. My appetite is getting much better. Today I had the strength and desire to go to church! A family at our church has been waiting to adopt 2 children from Haiti. The adoption process was expedited due the hurricane and they were at the 9:00 service! It was neat to get a chance to meet them. Through music, we were also reminded that the ancient word of the Lord was written down long ago to assist us on our walk through life. What a gift he has given us in his word!


  1. I'm so surprised you actually were able to go to church. How wonderful. Looking forward to seeing Randy tomorrow. I imagine he'll be much more "relaxed" than when he left Wednesday.

  2. Dear Robin,

    You continue to be amazing! I'm so glad you are making such wonderful progress. Leaning on God's word definitely makes everything so much easier and "doable". One of my favorite verses...(God says) I will never leave you nor forsake you...what a wonderful comfort at all times and through all situations.

    Rest well tonight! Tomorrow will be another beautiful day for you.

    Talk to you soon!

    Corla :)

  3. I'm praying for rest tonight. Relax tomorrow!

    Love, Krystle

  4. So glad your churchmates were able to bring their kiddos to the U.S. sooner than expected. Have you heard anything from other friends from Haiti? Continuing to keep all of them in my prayers. Ham. El. raised over $600 with their hat day. Very cool what can happen when we all pitch in a little bit. Hoping you get stronger every day, and that your path is made less rocky by your faith and by the many prayers surrounding you!

  5. You are one strong women! I think you are my hero already and this is only the beginning of the road. Have a restful Monday and I will see you on Tuesday

    Love Cindy

  6. Amen!! So glad you were able to go to church already, but you never surprise me. How neat to see "friends" from Haiti. They have all been in my prayers, along with you!

    Love, Laurie :)

  7. Hey there, sounds like you are amazing!! So glad you had a great Sunday-I bet it felt good to get out. I'll be thinking about you and hoping all your appointments go well this week. Talk to you soon. xoxoKristin