Friday, March 5, 2010

The Big Buzz

Here are some pictures of Keagan shaving my hair on Thursday. She did a great job and I didn't even cry :)


  1. Great Pictures!! I especially love the smiles. :) Isn't is amazing what you are able to "get through" with the love and support of family. So many lessons are being taught and learned at home, at school, with cool is that!

    Corla :)

  2. Hey Mom-
    It really was an experience shaving your hair off. I will never forget that! (: You look so cute with your little hats and wigs. Just keep remembering that the chemo is working! -We have proof!

    I love you so much and really enjoy spending time with you.
    Love, Keags

  3. Wow, you did it! Can't wait to see you on Monday!


  4. What? You didn't keep the mohawk?! I always tell my hairdresser, don't worry if you cut it a little short. It'll grow out and I won't freak out. Well, you took that one to the extreme, but it will grow back too (maybe with a slightly different color and texture, so it will be a surprise). And, in fact, you don't make a bad bald woman. Hang in there, Robin.

  5. Beautiful ~ I love the smiles! Laurie :)

  6. You are a strong and brave woman Robin, I admire you so much!!!!
    What you girls are learning and seeing from you, WOW!!!!
    Take care and have a good weekend, love that sunshine:)
    Love You, Kristin

  7. As scary as it must have been to actually have your hair start falling out, just think of what good the chemo is doing. If it can kill some hair cells, imagine what it's doing to any cancer cells that might be hiding out somewhere! You keep fighting like a girl! Great buzz cut, Keagan! Is this a new career for you?

    Love ya,

  8. Hey Robin,
    Keagan did a great job with your hair. If she does this as a career she can say you were her first customer. You have a way of making even the "problems" in life become an adventure. We're always making memories and you have captured the prize for most creative for sure. Just think of all the times we have complained about our hair and how yours was to curly and mine to straight, now when you get new hair maybe it will be straight! I'm anxious to see your new hairdos and hangout. Call if you need anything this week, Thursday or Friday.

    Love ya, Cindy

  9. Hi Robin,
    Ava was looking at your picture with me on the blog and she kept pointing and talking. I think she wants to come visit you. :)
    Ever since I've gotten the news of your cancer, you've been popping up in my thoughts numerous times every day. Know that every time you are in my mind, it's a prayer for you. You are strong and brave and I'm so happy you have such a great family.

  10. What special pictures--thanks for sharing Robin! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. :)

  11. You are truly an amazing lady!!! And you have a great family and awesome God to take care of you. God gave ya a nice head, too! I have to agree that I like the mohawk! :)