Monday, March 15, 2010

"Class Party"

Last week Monday, my students surprised me with a party. We enjoyed delicious cake, pop, games and decorations. What a treat to teach such loving, caring tweeners! Thanks for the memories!

I have been feeling pretty good since I had treatment last Thursday. It was a nice, restful weekend. I was concerned that the neulasta shot might cause some aches and pains, but it didn't. Randy and the girls have been VERY helpful and encouraging.
I enjoyed being at school today. Kylie's tennis season started today and Keagan's track practice begins next week. Although I am rather tired, I am looking forward to a fairly normal week. (I don't really know what that feels like anymore!)



  1. Hamilton 5th graders rock! What an amazing group of students with an unbelievably courageous teacher! You go kids! And Robin, keep "fighting like a girl"!


  2. What a great group, and I love the buzz cuts!

  3. Love, love, love the pictures of your class and party, I bet that just made your day!! What a great and uplifting day you must have had-keep those days coming!!!
    Thanks for writing in your blog, I feel like I get to talk to you:) and that's nice!

  4. Yeah!! What fun to see your class. The buzz cuts are great! Thanks for sharing. I do hope you have a "normal" week being able to watch Kylie and running around with Keagan! Love, Laurie

  5. What great pictures!! How fun for you and the kids. They are an awesome group of 5th graders! Your courage and strength have brought out the very best in all of them. :) Hope your "normal" week goes well. Soon you will be watching your girls in tennis and track! That is what a "normal" Spring is like for you!! Fun, Fun!!

    Corla :)

  6. What a wonderful group of kiddos--celebrating a wonderful teacher!! :)

  7. Hey Rob,

    cool pictures - was great to see you last week. Bummed however that I missed cake ! Talked to mom and dad Sunday, sounded like round 2 went fairly well, hope that continues to be the case. All is well here, spring break for our kids this week so off to the mountains for a few days.

    take care !

    Brad and gang

  8. Hi Robin! MVP in the morning isn't the same without your smiling face! Keep smiling and have an awesome day!! :-)

  9. Thanks for sharing the pictures. You can see in them how much the kids love you!

  10. Sorry I haven't read your 'blog' lately...just got all caught up with all the highs and the lows....loved the part w/your 'surprise party'....everyone else already said it so well...awesome kids, awesome teacher! You go, girrrrrlllll!!!!!!! Send our love to the rest of your family, as well, please! xo love, Pearly, Cindy & Sam