Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good News!

School went very well this week. I taught in the afternoons only. It was very strange, but good. The fifth graders are in great spirits these days and they keep me on my toes. Next week I plan on teaching a full day on Tuesday so that I can be gone all day on Thursday for round 4 of chemo.

I have been sleeping much better this week. Thank goodness for good sleep!

I had been to Dr. Hoberman during Spring Break and she had noticed something suspicious in my armpit (surgery side). She ordered an ultra sound, but we had to wait until this past Friday to have the ultra sound done. After a long wait, the news was GOOD NEWS! According to the radiologist, there is nothing to be concerned with. Praise God!

Thanks to all of you, our freezer is quite full! We are not asking for meals for a while so we can enjoy some of the frozen ones.

I have felt great this past week and it has been so nice to get out and about and see so many of my friends and colleagues! Today I spent most of the day at Keagan’s track meet. Seems to me like spring weather should come with spring sports, doesn’t it? It was freezing, but I was happy to be feeling well enough to attend.

Take care, everybody!


  1. Dear Robin,

    So much good news, so many answers to prayer, all in one post!! How wonderful. :) Praying that next week goes as well. Keep up the good fight! You are one strong lady and I'm so proud of you. :)

    Corla :)

  2. Robin-
    I hadn't seen an update this week, but I came here deciding I'd tell you I'm still praying for you and your decisions, etc. And here you are with a great update. Glad to hear your week went well and that you have normal armpits.:) And, I AM still praying for you as you enter a new week, next chemo, and any decisions to be made.

  3. What good news you have gotten, wonderful!!!
    I'm so happy that your sleep, school and family are having "normal" routines-I bet that feels amazing:)
    I will be praying for you this week, praying for decisions being made and praying for patience and peace for all of you!!
    Love You,

  4. Praise God for good news!! I am so thankful for your clear ultrasound and very happy that you're sleeping well.
    Laurie :)

  5. I 've had track sons and football sons. Track is definitely a much colder sport!!!!! So glad you can enjoy it. :-) See you Monday!


  6. Robin,
    I am SOOOO elated to hear the good news about that suspicious something....I was praying it would be nothing of concern, I love it when prayers are answered!! :) Great to see you last week!!

    Haley :)

  7. Hi Robin,
    It sounds like half-time agrees with you. Thankfully the good days are outnumbering the not-so-good! Truly an answer to prayer. May you continue to feel God's love and healing as you continue to fight the fight. Stay strong and let me know if you need a smoothie delivery on Thursday.

    Love you,

  8. Love you Mom!
    (I think you can guess) ;)