Tuesday, June 1, 2010

4 more hours

I spent another 4 hours of patiently being a patient today. I called Dr. Vanerwoude's office at 8:30 this morning because my hand and arm are just not right. At 2:00 I finally got a call to head to the hospital for yet another ultra sound. I had a different technician today than I had last Thursday and low and behold, she found a blood clot. Following the ultra sound I headed back to Cancer and Hematology to talk to the nurse. After a poke in the finger to find out how thin my blood was and then an arm draw, I was finally given instructions to QUIT coumadin (apparently it isn't working for me) and go back on Lovenox (shots in the belly). Since I have to be on the lovenox indefinitely, I have to learn how to give them to myself. Yuk. That's on my list of things to do tomorrow.

I am also planning on visiting my students tomorrow. I am anxious to see them and the staff at Hamilton Elementary!



  1. BFF Robin,
    Wow, who would of ever thought that you would be putting that on your list of things to do! You are one strong women,I am not sure I could do that, I always look away when a needle comes my way!I don't think I could get it in the right spot if I did that! At last they found the problem and it did not stop our camping adventures! Have fun with your kids tomorrow and enjoy them,they will be 5th graders only a few more days,and next year a whole new room of 5th graders to start all over with!!!! We will wait until the end of the summer to think about that step,Theres lots of summer to be had first! Take care and I plan on seeing you on Thursday.


  2. Thank God that you know your body and are persistent! You've never liked taking the coumadin, so I'm glad it's off your list. Giving yourself shots will be a new adventure, but one I'm sure you can handle. Praying for a good night's sleep, steady hands with needles and lots of time for you to enjoy your class tomorrow! See you on Thursday!

    Love you,

  3. Dear Robin,

    My, how patient you have become!! I am glad something was discovered. Stopping the Coumadin won't be hard to handle, and now you will become the "student" learning how to give yourself shots! I am confident you will be a quick learner. :) I'll be saying lots of prayers for a clear mind as you learn about shots and for fun times as you visit your class tomorrow. See you Thursday!!

    Corla :)

  4. Shots aren't so bad, I did it for years, I won't say it ever became pleasent, but it was do-able! Enjoy your class visit today, I'm sure they will love to see you!

  5. OK, don't doubt yourself right-or when you just have "that feeling" that something isn't ok--So glad you went back to the doctor Robin!!
    You've overcome so many hurdles and this too you will overcome!!
    Think of you everyday cousin!