Thursday, June 24, 2010

Port Removal

Last night Dr. Hoberman called and asked if I could possibly come to the hospital around 1:00 rather than 5:45. She was concerned that another patient might not be showing up for surgery which would leave the 1:00 time slot open. I told her that I had an appointment at Cancer and Hematology for herceptin at 1:00, but I would try to get it done earlier in the day so that I could be available if indeed the earlier time ended up being available. We talked about lovenox and herceptin schedules, but we failed to discuss the eating/drinking restrictions. I was able to get herceptin done at 10:00, and shortly after I got the call to be at the hospital at 1:00. I had eaten a half of a bagel at 8:00 and man, that was the talk of the OR. There wasn't a physician in there who didn't know that I had eaten at 8:00! I was just following the directions that were given to me for the time I was originally scheduled for. At any rate, the port is out. I have had bendaryl drip and sedation today. I am sleepy!!


  1. Hope you didn't end up seeing that bagel again . . . :-O

    Anyway, I will pray that now your swelling goes down.

    God bless you Robin. Hopefully you'll also have a great night of sleep.

    Laurie :)

  2. Dear Robin,

    I'm so glad everything worked out for you today!! (Did you show out at the Cancer and Hematology Cemter bright and early?!?!?) I'm glad the bagel didn't throw things off course!! Sleep well tonight, with peace of mind that you are one step closer to normal... :) Praying you will soon notice the swelling going down.

    Corla :)

  3. Glad the bagel didn't hold things up. Hope the port removal helps make you more comfortable!

  4. Robin,
    I'm sure you are so glad the port is gone and the day is done. One more step towards the finish line,the end is getting nearer. Who would think that 1/2 of a bagel would make the news like that!!! It seemed innocent enough at 8:00am,huh? Sadie lost last night so now on to all-stars and regular season is done for everyone. Hopefully we can get some meetings in sometime soon!! we have a lot to cover.

    Love ya, Cindy

  5. PEACE to all of you !!!
    And... I LOVE YOU ROBIN!!!