Friday, July 30, 2010


Everything went well yesterday. I hadn't been to cancer and hematology in three weeks and two days! After that appointment, we went to see Dr. Dodde. I had a consultation with him regarding the upcoming surgery and he also removed a spot off my back. It is a little sore today, but not bad. The worst part would be the restrictions that I didn't think about. I am not supposed to shower for 24 big deal. I am not supposed to "soak" for a week....big deal. That means no recreational swimming or swimming for exercise. I am not supposed to "sweat" for a week either....another big deal. I guess I might have to settle for staying in the air conditioned house working on my Alaska album and maybe, just maybe start thinking about school.

The spot that he removed will be analyzed by a pathologist. I don't know when I will get the results. Probably not anytime real soon. The stitches are scheduled to be removed at the hospital before I have surgery on Monday, August 9.

In regards to the upcoming mastectomy, I am scheduled for Monday, August 9. The hospital will call me a day or two before and let me know the scheduled time. Pray that it is early in the day. The surgery should take about three hours total. I will be staying in the hospital for one, possibly two nights. I have updated the meal calendar as we are hoping to have some meals brought in next week. It would be nice, too, if some of you would like to make a meal that we can stick in the freezer.

Please continue to pray for all who have been affected by cancer.



  1. No swimming or sweating?? It's supposed to be almost 90 again next week, so the Alaska album sounds like a good idea. See you soon! :)

  2. That was me, Laurie, why don't I ever learn??

  3. I will keep praying Robin!!
    Hopefully we will be able to get together next week:) You can bring your photo album!!
    Peace and hugs to you!

  4. Robin, good luck with your surgery on the 9th. I hope your recovery is as easy as mine was. The worst part was the "corset" you'll have to wear for a week! I know you'll mentally be more at peace with yourself, once your breast is gone. Hugs.