Wednesday, October 13, 2010

As promised....

I promised lots of you I would update often while I am home recovering from surgery. There's really not much to tell you at this point. Yesterday my mom and I just kinda kept moving around the house doing some laundry and she was gracious enough to do all of the ironing! As a result of the anniversary celebration we had for my parents back in September, enough donations were made to Love Inc. in their honor that we now have the opportunity to be food distributors from the food truck. Yesterday we were able get this event scheduled for Friday, Feb. 11. BRRR!!!! We also went for a ride to see some of the beautiful fall colors. In the afternoon we watched a movie and worked on our projects. Once the girls came home from school, my mom took Keagan to the doctor since she is still not feeling even close to 100%. More blood tests were taken and we should have the results soon.

So, no naps yesterday and I slept pretty well last night. I am MUCH more comfortable with these implants than I was with the expanders!!! Later today I will take take my first peek at them and also take my first shower since Monday :)



  1. Dear Robin,
    So happy & relieved for you and your family. You have been very close to our hearts and will remain so. Keep up the great work! We love you and your family!!! xoxo Love, Pearly, Cindy & Sam

  2. I'm so glad that you're feeling good and able to sleep. It must be much more comfortable with the expanders out. Just continue to rest, relax and heal. You'll be back to school in no time. Hope you get some answers about Keagan's health soon.


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  4. So glad you are comfortable, sleeping well, and relaxing! Soon you will be back to the normal routine of teaching and loving every moment of it!?! :) Hope Keagan's trip to the doctor shed some light as to why she still isn't 100%. How frustrating... Keeping all of you in my daily prayers.

    Corla :)

  5. I'm happy for you...for rest, time with Mom, for comfort. I'm disappointed for Keagan though. Hang in there, both of you!! Love, Laurie :)

  6. Glad you are recovering nicely. Sorry your daughter still doesn't feel well. Didn't you say she had mono? That can sure take awhile to get over!

  7. Thinking about all of you, praying for all of you and loving all of you!!