Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Hamilton El. staff had a pink party on Wednesday.  The pink "Life is Good" hat was a gift to me.  On Friday, our school will be having a hats for Haiti day.  Since I won't be there, staff was invited to make a donation in my honor.  I am truly blessed to work with such loving, caring, creative people.  Thanks again everybody!


  1. Robin -
    We are shocked to hear your news. Right now I'm sure you've gone through some of the prep work and are patiently waiting for your scheduled surgery time. I will be praying for your comfort and for God to give you peace throughout this.
    Natalie Ten Brink

  2. Hi Robin,
    Your probably to a point where you have to wait for a while, so I wanted to let you know so many prayers have gone up for you today from here! I hope it wasn't too bad this morning at that place we both HATE! Many more prayers for you and your family as this afternoon goes on. Stay strong and remember that God can give you what you need in all things! :)
    Amy Rudolph

  3. Thinking about you Aunt Robin!
    Love you so much!!!!

  4. Hey Girl!
    I just wanted you to know you have been in my thoughts all day today and you will continue to stay there. Prayers are constantly being lifted with your name attached to them. Keep you focus on God and rely on his amazing power and strength!

    Kathie B

  5. Dear Aunt Robin,
    Remember how my dad said it was raining cats and dogs ? Well, it was ! On Monday we saw floods in backyards on the way to school. How are you doing ? Tell everyone I said Hi and have a happy Valentine's Day. Hope you are doing better. I am praying for you - Christina

  6. Hi Robin!
    Just received an e-mail from Craig with news from Randy that your surgery went well. Praise God!! I was thinking about you all day and still have tears in my eyes reading all the posts/comments on here. Many prayers for you today... We miss you and love you so much -- praying for a quick recovery and more good news to come!!