Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Update

The past few days have been fairly uneventful. Chemo round 4 went fine. As planned, my mom was there with me for the first couple of hours, and I was later joined by a couple of friends from high school. Once treatment was finished, they invited me to go out for lunch, but I felt the need to come home and take a nap instead.

On Friday I walked in the morning and taught for a ½ day. That was pretty much the extent of Friday. On Saturday morning I got up to help Kylie get off to a tennis tournament, which ended up getting canceled before she left. We all went back to bed! Later a friend came and picked me up and we went for a beautiful walk downtown. I pretty much spent the rest of the day lying around, napping, and reading.

Today was another big sleep in day. I think I finally rolled out of bed around 9:30. I have been able to get a few things done around the house today, and also went for a nice swim. Hopefully I will sleep well tonight!

Tomorrow morning Randy will be taking me to an appointment at the hospital for an ultra sound on the blood clot. This is just to make sure the clot has not gotten any larger.

Again, thanks for thinking of me. I expect this week to be challenging in many ways, so your prayers are appreciated!


  1. Here it is!! Glad to see you had a restful weekend. You needed it to rain or that probably wouldn't have happened!


  2. Robin, hope this week is uneventful! Prayers being sent that the rest you got this weekend will sustain you through the week.

  3. Glad you guys had a nice relaxing weekend--I'll be thinking of you this week.


  4. So glad you rested and relaxed this weekend! I'll be thinking about you during your ultra sound and through out the week. Hopefully you will sleep well and have the energy you need to carry you through your week. Praying for you all of the time!!

    Corla :)

  5. Hi Robin, sounds like your weekend was nice and hopefully relaxing as well. Done with round 4, thankful for that! So glad your mom and good friends can be there for you, you are not alone!
    I will pray this week will be a good one for you at the doctor, school and home. I think of all of you everyday.
    Love you very much,

  6. Hi friend!!
    I am praying for peace, as well as for you to feel okay during this week following chemo. I would love to walk if you're ever looking for a partner. :)


  7. Hey Rob,

    Have not written in a while - called not too long agon and Jonathan probably left a pretty convuluted message, not totally sure. Anyway, glad the past few days have been somewhat "dull" and hope all goes well with the ultra sound tomorrow.

    Hugs from everyone here,

    Brad and gang

  8. Hi Robin,
    Thinking of you daily, and sending love and hugs to my good friend.