Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

I had a wonderful day today. Let me start with last night though. Randy and I have volunteered to be a part of a back yard bbq ministry through our church. When I looked at the calendar and the first event was scheduled for the week after chemo, I was nervous, but agreed to TRY to be there. Fortunately, I was feeling quite well and we went to the event. It was awesome and I am eager to share the event with you in person sometime.

Given the history of how the side effects have taken place since I started chemo, I have been expecting some changes this week. Last night "it" happened and I was unable to sleep. My mom came this morning to help with some things around the house before the cleaning ladies came. I started crying because ?????? (You guessed it, there was no reason to cry.) My mom took me as a guest to her aqua fitness class at the Grand Haven YMCA. This is a class she has been attending for a very long time and I know many of the ladies have been praying for me. It was nice to meet many of them. We then went out for lunch at Kirby Grill - Outside!! How awesome! I took a little siesta at their house before coming back to Holland for an appointment with Dr. Porter. He suggested a couple of things to help me sleep better and get the emotions under control a little better. Tonight I will try a new prescription and we'll see what happens!

The last stop of the day was the wig shop. I wanted to get my wig trimmed a bit and I also had a tiara to pick up. Dinner was served on the deck and I am ready to say goodnight!


  1. Hi Robin,
    It sounds like a great day. I am glad the sunshine was out to enjoy it with you! :)

    Love, Krystle

  2. What would we do without moms?! Glad your day improved. Praying sleep will be your friend soon!

  3. Dear Robin,

    So glad to hear you are keeping busy, enjoying some things you haven't been able to do before. You continue to look at the good things going on in your life, and that is such a wonderful example for all of us!! Thanks, friend, for that reminder!! Praying sleep will return tonight, or this afternoon, or ??? Talk to you soon!

    Corla :)

  4. A TIARA?!?

    ~ Laurie ;)

  5. Hi cuz!!
    I'm glad your day improved as it went on, that's a good thing!! Sounds like your lunch was great and being with your mom!!
    Please tell your mom(and dad)I say hello.
    You are a very strong person, remember that!!
    Love ya,