Friday, May 21, 2010


Hopefully I've hit the low point of chemo round 5. Last night I started to feel miserable and that feeling is continuing today. Seems like there is not much I can really do about it except wait for it to pass. Tennis regionals were today and I was able to see Kylie's match. Unfortunately, due to the weather, the event had to be played indoors at DeWitt. There were 10 teams involved, and they were planning on 24 outdoor courts. They had to settle for 6 indoor courts. Kylie's 3 set/tie break match took one of those six courts for almost 3 hours. She did not come out the victor, but we were very proud of how well she played.

Many of you know that I am a Savings Angel fan. I worked on my coupons for a long time last night and shopped this afternoon. Total savings = $88.00. That gives me a really good feeling :)

Time for a nap. Have a great weekend!



  1. Hi Robin,
    It was so good to see you yesterday. I can't wait to see how the tiara actually looks on your head! I wish last night and today could have been better for you. I'll pray for you to feel more comfortable, be able to sleep and have more energy. Stay strong and keep fighting like a girl!

    Love ya,


  3. I am praying that this weekend lets up for you and that the effects will pass!!
    Glad you got to go watch Kylie play-I'm sure you are very proud of her:)
    Devin is in Ohio this weekend with orchestra-playing, going to Great Wolf Lodge and Cedar Point, I know he is having a blast!!!
    Much LOVE to you Robin,

  4. Hi Robin,

    Sorry to hear you are at one of those low points again. From the sounds of it, you aren't letting it get the best of you, though. You go girl!! Glad you were able to watch Kylie play tennis. How special for both of you. :) Praying for you to sleep well and start on the upward swing, soon. Talk to you soon!


    P.S. What exactly is the tiara for? Do we need to start calling you Princess Robin or something?!?!?

  5. Robin-
    Hope you can just rest in this wonderful weather. Renew your strength and feel better soon!

  6. Mom I'm SOO glad that you got to come watch me play yesterday! It really meant a lot for me to have you there supporting me through that LOOOOONNNGGG match....I hope you sleep good and start feeling better. I love you mom!! <3

  7. Hey Robin,
    Sorry the rain came on the tennis matches,after such a great day on Thursday it sounds like it took a dive! I'm thinking couponing helped..I had to go look at my "savings this week" I had forgotten to look.24.50 in coupons!So yes I am right there with you on that happy feeling! I'm sure my kids already have that spent!! Hope you are enjoying the warm weather and looking at the forcast this week high 80s-I think you will be glad you are not teaching in the warm classroom. Stay home rest up and sleep whenever you can! I think God gives us dreams so we know just how well we have slept.We didn't have time to think about anything else! Take care, Let me know when you want to shop at Sams,Always thinking about you guys and Love you all!!!!

    The Vander Lees