Monday, May 24, 2010

Man, it's hot!

Well, I don't need a hat, scarf, or wig to keep my head warm these days! I am feeling much better since my last post. Friday and Saturday I did not feel well at all. Yesterday I was feeling much better and did a lot. Maybe too much. Today I was very tired all day. Other than taking Keagan to school and running a couple of errands, I stayed pretty close to home and rested.

I talked to the sub who has graciously taken over teaching for me on the phone today. She said other than the heat, things are going well. I know the kids are in great hands, but I do miss them!

The next few days are packed with appointments. Wednesday we meet with the surgeon and on Thursday we have an appointment with a plastic surgeon. We covet your prayers as we talk with doctors about the next part of the treatment plan.

I hope you have a way to stay cool this week!



  1. Hi Robin,

    So glad to hear you are feeling better! :) Also glad to hear you realize when you do too much and "lay low" to get back in check! I know your kids are in great hands at school,too, but of course you miss couldn't be the teacher you are without that deep connection with your students. Don't worry, I know you have left your "mark" on them even though it wasn't quite a full year. :) Looking forward to visiting with you tomorrow! Rest well tonight!

    Corla :)

  2. Stay cool and be glad you're not in school! Take advantage of this time to rest, recover and not worry about what you are (or aren't) getting done. We'll be praying for God to work through the doctors to help you with the answers you seek. Hopefully His plan will mesh with what you're wishing for. See you tonight.

    Sue & John

  3. Hi Robin!
    Glad to hear the last few days are going better for ya! Sounds like this week decisions are going to be made-I will be praying that you and the doctors will get answers to the next steps in your treatment.
    I am happy you continue to write your posts, feel like I'm talking to you:)
    Stay positive-stay YOU!!!

  4. Hey - I saw you today on the big screen. Walked by the library and heard your voice, so I had to peak. You look good my friend! I have to admit seeing your head covering made me a little warm. We aren't wearing anything extra a school this week. Be thinking about ya as you head to your doc appts :)

  5. Thinking about you, Robin as you go through making some important decisions for your future. When it reaches 80+ in my room tomorrow, I'll picture you with a glass of ice tea in your hand, with your feet soaking in the water. Hope that is just how you are keeping cool and calm.