Thursday, August 12, 2010

What day is it?

I think it is Thursday today, right? The days are all just blending together. Recovery is going well so far. I feel good, but not good enough to get out and do anything and I don't like to be alone. I don't feel bad enough to be on the couch all day either, so I am going a bit stir crazy. Does anybody have any good movie suggestions? I watched "When In Rome" last night. It was o.k.

My hair is growing! I have hairy arms and legs again and the hair on my head is coming in slowly, but surely. It appears as though it is going to be darker than it was before with plenty of gray mixed in. My eyebrows look like they are going to be more black than the blond ones I had before chemo. Weird.

Kylie is finishing her internship at church this week. Next week she will start training for her new job at the Salt and Pepper Pub in Holland. This is a new restaurant opening up over by Eastern Floral on Lakewood. She has been hired to hostess and is looking forward to this new experience.

Keagan started volleyball tryouts yesterday. On Friday the girls find out whether they made the team or not. Between babysitting, sports, family and friends, she keeps plenty busy.

Randy is enjoying these summer days. He has been helping me out a ton, as well as taking care of the lawn, car repairs, roofing inspections, and transporting Keagan to various activities. He still enjoys running and I know many of you see him out there pounding the pavement, even in this heat! Crazy man!


  1. Don't know what kind of movies you like, but if you haven't seen Wild Hogs, it is funny! I don't know if you saw Avatar either, but I loved it and thought I would hate it. I've seen it twice, but could easily watch it a couple more times soon. AND it is a LONG movie, so it would take up lots of your time. :)

  2. Robin, I'm so glad that you're feeling as well as you are! Tell Kylie we'll stop in to see her as soon as they're open b/c we miss deBoer Bakery over there. Best of luck to Keagan. Call whenever you're bored!! Laurie :)

  3. It's so good to hear that life is returning to a more normal routine for all of you! Your "peach fuzz" hair looks cute. I'm sure you're anxious to see what it will look like the more it grows in. Just say the word and I'll bring over a bunch of DVD's for you to pick through. I know how much to like to sit and do nothing! :-)

    Love you,

  4. Right now you are feeling stir crazy at home, but in no time you will be going back to school and life will be hectic again for you!!
    Your body is healing. It needs to rest and that is a good thing for you right now.
    You are fighting so hard and pretty soon, you will have made it!!!!! YOU ARE STRONG ROBIN!

  5. YEAH!!!!!!!!! I'd like to come over with a couple of seasons of The Big Bang Theory. You'll love 'em. Probably your family, too! :-) I also have a special tee shirt for you. I'll call you and bring lunch for us.

    Love you!

  6. I love the look of thr "peach fuzz" hair on your head! What a welcome sight for you. :) As for movies, I watched It's Complicated and enjoyed it. (I also watched Shrek 2 and 3 this summer and Toy Story 2 and loved them...what can I say!!) Do remember to rest even when you feel like you should be doing something. Your body is working hard and you need to help it. :) I'll be in touch!

    Corla :)