Saturday, August 14, 2010


Recovery is coming along nicely. Here is a list of things I have done today:
*Had coffee on the deck with a friend for two hours
*Drove myself to get a massage. While I was at Body Perfections, I was recognized by yet another former student! They seem to be everywhere these days!
*Chair time - read the mail, facebook, looked at a magazine, did a little preparing for school
*Visited with a friend from church
*Returned boring movies to Blockbuster
*Took Keagan to the theater
*Went to Hobby Lobby
*Got some groceries at Mejers (had to ask for help three times!)

Here is a list of things I did NOT do today
*Make it to the Maxson family reunion
*Take a nap (yet)

All in all, not bad for only 5 days post-op.

Thanks for checking up on me! It was nice to run into a few of you on my outings today!



  1. You are one tough cookie! Glad you got out and felt up to doing so much, though!

  2. You're amazing!! I am so proud of you and continue to pray for your healing. See you again soon! Laurie :)

  3. How nice to be doing normal activites!! I'm so proud of you. :) You continue to be so strong and brave. Praying for continued strength and courage for you and your family!!

    Corla :)

  4. Doesn't is just feel great to do normal, boring stuff?!! You did more than most people do and look what you have been through!!
    YAY for you:)