Monday, September 20, 2010

Time Flies!

Time has been flying by now that school is in full swing! My health and strength have both been cooperating so far. I have had just one appointment that has caused me to miss a half day of teaching, other than that, I have been going at it full speed ahead. Now that my hair is growing in, I have been going without a head cover everywhere I go. It feels so "free" not to have to match my outfit to a head cover :)

The second phase of the reconstruction surgery is scheduled for Monday, October 11. Just as was predicted, that is right in the middle of the MEAP test. A year ago I would have said no way, uhuh, find another time. But now, I think it is perfect. What easy sub the directions and walk around encouraging students to do their best.

Keagan is still struggling with mono. We are going on five weeks, I believe. She feels better, does too much, and gets set back.

Kylie is enjoying her senior year. The reality of this being her last year of high school is settling in. She's been busy with her classes, teacher assisting, working on college applications, and hostessing at the new Salt and Pepper Pub.

This past weekend we had a blast celebrating our parents fiftieth anniversary. The three of us kids hosted a dinner on Saturday night for family and friends at Arboreal Inn. On Sunday morning we all went to Second CRC as the congregation honored them for this occasion. We had a wonderful time and it was especially nice having Brad home from North Carolina.


  1. Dear Robin,

    How nice to read about all of the great things going on in your life! You have come so far and I'm so proud of you!! Glad you had such a wonderful time celebrating with your family. Now, if Keagan can just get over the "hump" with her fight with Mono...! Kylie's Senior year, can you believe it! Enjoy it all!! Call if you need help in any way!

    Corla :)

  2. Oct 11 and following - do you have a calendar set up for meals?

  3. Hey there, long time no posts from you, but that's a GOOD thing!!! Sounds like you are busy and feeling a lot like "Robin" again!!! YIPEEEEE:) I just wish that Keagan was 100% back. Please call when you can and we have to set a dinner date.
    I can't believe Kylie is a senior this year-I bet you can't either!
    Hugs and love to everyone:)