Sunday, October 10, 2010

Surgery again!

I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow. The purpose of this surgery is to take out the expanders and put in the permanent implants. I have to be at the hospital at 1:15 p.m. for this procedure. Since this is the fifth time I will be under anesthesia since January 23, it is becoming very routine. Please pray with us that the procedure will go well and the healing process will be super speedy.



  1. Hey Robin,
    I've been thinking about you all weekend and thinking this would be a meeting weekend if not for school and sports! Keagan looked beautiful on Friday night,(sorry about the results of the game)We went just to see her and were glad we bumped into her. I'm hoping and praying everything goes well tomorrow and uneventful. Just don't eat 1/2 bagel or anything!You want to keep a low profile,they may know who you are,5th time and you may bump into an old student! It has been a long journey but praise God you are at the end. I also pray the road will be much less eventful now and "normal" we will have many things to celebrate in the next few months,and think about the fun next summer! Holding all of you in our thoughts and prayers tomorrow and the coming weeks,hoping for a speedy recovery we'll be celebrating before you know it.

    The Vander Lees

  2. Dear Robin,

    Praying for a speedy, successful surgery tomorrow followed by a speedy, successful recovery in the days to follow. You have fought such a good fight so far and you only have one more round to go!! Call if you or Randy or the girls need anything in the next few days. I'll be in touch.

    Corla :)

  3. Robin,
    It was nice to catch up with you a bit on Wednesday.You have been in my prayers and I have prayed and will pray for you today that you have a quick and easy recovery. Let me know if you need anything (I'm really pretty good at vacuuming! :-)

  4. We are with you, Robin. God bless you.