Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I had a complication today. During the night my throat was on fire, so I took some advil and went back to bed. A friend stopped by for a while this morning and by the time she left, I was wiped. I didn't have a fever, so I figured it could be no more than a sore throat leading to a cold. My mom called to check on me and she convinced me that if it was strep and it went untreated, the infection could spread to other parts of my body which is not what I need right now. After talking to Dr. Hoberman's office (hoping they would just prescribe an antibiotic), I was off to prime care and sure enough, strep it is. I laughed when the doctor said he wrote me a work excuse through Friday.

I am happy to have everyone home for the evening. Randy stopped at Hamilton El. on his way home and picked up dinner that was prepared especially for us. We so appreciate the meals, the cards, and all of the ways people have expressed their love.

Thanks for checking on me. I may have more info. after the post op appointment tomorrow.



  1. So glad you at least found another reason to laugh! The germs have just started to fly around Sandyview again this week.

    Take care of yourself!
    Laurie :)

  2. Only you would get strep throat when you're not even in school! I'm glad you didn't just let it go! I'll be praying for you to get some answers tomorrow and some rest tonight. Remember, as it says in
    I Peter 5:7 "Cast all your worries on Him because He cares for you."

    Sue (& John)

  3. Hello Mom.

    Sorry you got strep ): I don't really like when you stay home and I have to go to school. I would SO skip school to be with you. (: I love youuuuuuuuuuu!!

  4. Dear Robin,

    You silly girl!! You never mentioned you had a sore throat when we talked this morning. I'm so sorry this "bug" found you. Hopefully with your antibiotic you will be feeling great soon! I'll be thinking about you as you have your post op appointment tomorrow. Hope all goes well. Thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and yours all of the time!! (Just let me know if you don't feel like company on Friday afternoon.)

    Corla :)

  5. Hi Robin! Strep throat huh? And you haven't even been at school to get the germs. Well I am sorry that you have this now:( Good luck tomorrow at the doctor- I'm sure your mind is a little over loaded right now, so enjoy tonight with your family!! I will check tomorrow and see how things went and how you are doing. Thinking of you all the time.
    Love Ya, Kristin

  6. Hi Robin!
    Been praying for you from out here in CA!
    Good reading your blog & hearing the updates. I have a verse for you to add to your tags...Zephaniah 3:17. It is a little gem tucked away & brings a smile every time i read it! Thought of you & wanted to share!
    Gayle Z

  7. Mommmyyyy!!

    You didn't need to get strep throat but you did. :( I know that God will make you feel better though! :) And if you ever need a "mommy" besides Grandma....I am more than wiling to miss a day of school! :) lol.(both meanings)

    Love you mom,

  8. Oh no, strep! I'm not responsible for that :)! Kids are missing you terribly and it's is pretty quiet without you. Keep resting and taking care of yourself. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon!


  9. Wow, You could of saved that for a later time. When you need a day off!! You are at the top of my thoughts all day today,yes through 1000 more grilled cheese. A prayer went up for you with each one, I know the rollercoaster and hope the answer comes to you and Randy and it makes you content. Remember to Trust God and trust your gut,he puts that feeling there. I'm always here.

    Love Cindy

  10. Robin-
    Praying for you today as you go over your post-op appointment and find the next path you will be taking. Praying that God will smooth your way, give your doctor wisdom, and that you will get some reassurance today. Sorry about the strep, but I can certainly see how you laughed at the doctor. Hanging onto your sense of humor will help you through this as much as any treatment the doctors can hand out!

  11. Hi Robin,
    I hope you slept well last night. I am praying for you today and for your appointment. Remember to give God your fears and worries. Take it easy and just rest.

    Love, Krystle

  12. Hi cuz!! Hoping today went well for you. Been thinking about you lots and praying for good news, strength for you to heal and peace for all of you! Hope you have a great night and sleep well. Talk to you soon:)
    xoxoxo Kristin